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… and do come in! I’ve been expecting you! Parker – please take our guest’s coat.. well yes – I suppose you could take their shoes too… and, erm – socks?! No parker – they’ll be needing their trousers! Parker – have you no decency man! Let the poor blighters be! (I do apologise – one simply can’t get the help these days).

Well – as you’re here, you might as well know that most of my internet activity takes place over at my wordpress blog, so if you’re looking for a sweet dollop of arty goodness – head over there.

You’ll also find a contact form there if you need to get in touch – (It’s always such a pleasure to hear from you!).

As ever – they’ll likely be a tweet of three about spaceships, zombies, Cthulhu, gaming, aliens, comics and other sci-fi/fantasy shenanigans over in the twittersphere and Instagram should you be that way inclined.